Looking for high-quality magnets? Shanghai King-Nd Magnet Co., Ltd., China's leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of magnets, offers a wide range of magnetic products, including the four main types of magnets: neodymium magnets, ferrite magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, and alnico magnets.

Our neodymium magnets are the most powerful permanent magnets available, while ferrite magnets are cost-effective and versatile. Samarium cobalt magnets are known for their high magnetic properties and temperature stability, and alnico magnets are ideal for applications requiring high magnetic strength.

Whether you need magnets for industrial, commercial, or personal use, Shanghai King-Nd Magnet Co., Ltd. has the perfect solution for your needs. Our products are known for their outstanding performance, reliability, and durability. We also offer customization options to meet specific requirements.

With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust Shanghai King-Nd Magnet Co., Ltd. to provide the magnets you need for any application. Contact us today to learn more about our product offerings and how we can meet your specific magnet needs.
  • Are you looking for a versatile and powerful magnet solution? Look no further than our collection of magnets which includes 4 types of magnets designed to meet your specific needs. Our product range includes neodymium magnets, ceramic magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, and alnico magnets, each offering unique characteristics and benefits. Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets, perfect for applications requiring high performance. Ceramic magnets, on the other hand, are a cost-effective option with good resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for various industrial uses. If you require a high-temperature magnet with excellent resistance to demagnetization, our samarium cobalt magnets are the ideal solution. Lastly, our alnico magnets are known for their stability in high-temperature environments and have strong magnetic properties. Our 4 types of magnets are all carefully crafted to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and reliability. Whether you are in the automotive, aerospace, medical, or manufacturing industry, our magnets are designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs of modern applications. At our company, we are committed to providing high-quality magnets that meet the highest standards and specifications. We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of magnets to cater to a wide variety of industries and applications. With our 4 types of magnets, you can find the perfect solution for your specific magnetic requirements.
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