Block NdFeB, generally applied into linear motor, etc

NdFeB block magnet is one of the most widely used shape in the market. Our production steps: batching - melting - powder processing - pressing - sintering - surface grinding - cutting - double-sided grinding - chamfering - electroplating - magnetizing - packaging. Our delivery time: sample production 7-15 days, mass order production cycle 20-30 days. Advantages: The most cost-effective, fast delivery, convenient assembling. Grade range: From N30 to N54, N33M to N52M, N33H to N52H, N33SH to N50SH, N33UH to N48UH, N33EH to N42EH.

Products Details

Surface Coating Thickness μm Color SST Hours PCT Hours
Nickel Ni 10~20  Bright Silver >24~72 >24~72
Black Nickel Ni+Cu+Ni  10~20 Bright Black   >48~96 >48
Cr3+Zinc Zn C-Zn 5~8 Brighe Blue Shining Color >16~48 >36~72 ---
Sn Ni+Cu+Ni+Sn 10~25 Silver >36~72 >48
Au Ni+Cu+Ni+Au 10~15 Gold >12 >48
Ag Ni+Cu+Ni+Ag 10~ 15 Silver >12 >48
Epoxy Epoxy 10~20 Black/Grey >48 ---
Ni+Cu+Epoxy 15~30  >72~108 ---
Zn+Epoxy 15~25  >72~108 ---
Passivation --- 1~3 Dark Grey Temporary Protection ---
Phosphate --- 1~3 Dark Grey Temporary Protection) ---
Item Parameters Reference Value Unit
Auxiliary Magnetic Properties Reversible Temperature Coefficient Of Br -0.08--0.12 %/℃
Reversible Temperature Coefficient Of Hcj -0.42~-0.70      %/℃
Specific Heat 0.502    KJ·(Kg ·℃)-1
Curie Temperature  310~380      
Mechanical Physical Properties Density 7.5~7.80   g/cm3
Vickers Hardness 650      Hv
Electrical Resistance 1.4x10-6        μQ ·m
Compressive Strength 1050   MPa
Tensile Strength 80     Mpa
Bending Strength 290      Mpa
Thermal Conductivity 6~8.95 W/m ·K
Young's Modulus 160  GPa
Thermal Expansion(C⊥) -1.5     10-6/℃-1
Thermal Expansion(CII) 6.5 10-6/℃-1
Application: Widely used in brushless motor, permanent magnet industrial motor, textile motor, automobile motor, permanent magnet direct drive motor, linear motor, air conditioning compressor motor, mechanical equipment permanent magnet motor, Marine generator, permanent magnet generator, permanent magnet propulsion motor, mining permanent magnet motor, coupling motor, chemical permanent magnet motor,drive motor for EV, pump motor, EPS motor, sensor and other area. Product customized: magnet are all customized,length can be from 0.5mm-200mm, width from 0.5mm-150mm, thickness from 0.5mm-70mm, which can meet most customers' requirement. Coating: NdfeB magnet is easy to oxidize, so normally it need a coating, the coating that common used in the market like: 1. ZN plating ( a kind of metal coating,salt spray test can reach 24-48 hours, high cost performance, so it is one of the best choice for most customers). 2. NICUNI (a kind of metal coating, salt spray test can reach 48-72 hours, cost performance is higher than ZN, but still very widely used in the market the assembly condition is harsh, the product corrosion resistance requirements of the customer can choose). 3. Epoxy (non-metallic coating, non-magnetic conductivity, can reduce the motor eddy current loss, salt spray test can reach 72-96 hours, higher cost than ZN an NICUNI coating.) 4. Other coating that also used: Phosphate, Sn, Au, Ag, Parylene and so on... Tolerance: Normally our magnet tolerance are +/-0.05mm after coating.

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